" Your best partner in Power tools "


has been dedicated to the power tools industry in Taiwan since 1992. As a specialist of tools & nails manufacturer for over 15 years, Yong Song embraces a business department to promote our products, along with a solid R&D team developing new varieties of products. Satisfying our customers and producing quality products have always been Yong Song's major concerns.

Yong Song is now specialized in making Stapler Series, 16 Gauge Series, Coil Nailer Series, Specialties, Powder Actuated Tool Coil Cap Nailer, Stapler Cap Nailer, Corrugated Fastener Tool, Cap, etc. Yong Song will continue researching and developing on new products abidingly and provide better products to satisfy the needs of our customers and the demands of the market.

Yong Song will also combine development, manufacture, sale, and service in the future. The friendly Trademark SOCONAILS will dedicate to serve our customers with a whole new image.

Providing our customers with quality production and comprehensive service are the best policies of our company. We look forward to cooperating with other companies in terms of researching, developing, and manufacturing the best OEM product. With your kind support and cooperation, we anticipate sharing a better future with each and every one of our customers.