Product Description

Crates, pallets, wooden frames, duckboards plaster fencing, prefabricated house construction roof covering

  • Powerful motor allows penetration through the hardest materials
  • Convenient depth of drive dial allows precise staple settings
  • Quick release nose cover provides easy access for clearing jams
  • Ergonomic comfort handgrip provides a firm grip for user
  • High fastener capacity reduces frequency for reloading
  • Durable driver and o-ring assembly
Product Introduction
Length 308 mm
Height 304 mm
Wide 75 mm
Weight 2.7 kgs
Load Capacity 100 staples
Operating Pressure 80-110 psi
Magazine Type                   Side loading                             
Gauge 15
Crown 12.3 mm (1/2")
Width x Thickness 1.70mm x 1.90mm
Length of Fastener 19mm~ 65mm(3/4"~2-1/2")