Product Description
  • Roofing felt
  • Foam and fiberboard sheathing
  • Insulation house wrap carboard or carton to pallet
  • Adjustable exhaust cover
  • Depth of adjustment to countersink of flush drive nails
  • Lightweight design prevents arm fatigue for user
  • Drives wire and plastic sheet collated nails
  • The CN75WP is engineered to accept both wire collated 2.3mm~2.9mm
  • and plastic sheet collated 2.3mm~2.5mm nails
  • These nails are generally available in 38mm~75mm lengths
  • The CN75WPC can use plastic cap, metal cap, stainless cap, and waterproof stainless cap
Product Introduction
Length 300 mm
Height 318 mm
Wide 130 mm
Weight 3.3 kgs
Load Capacity of Wire Collation 400 nails
Load Capacity of Sheet Collation 200 nails
Operating Pressure 100-120 psi
Magazine Type Convex type
Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
Magazine Loaded Side loading magazine
Trigger Type Consecutive driving of nails
Shank of Wire Collation 2.3mm ~2.9mm(0.09"~0.114")
Shank of Sheet Collation 2.3mm~2.5mm(0.09"~0.098")
Sheet Collation Length(inch) 45mm~57mm(1-3/4"~2-1/4")
Wire Collation Length(inch) 38mm~75mm(1-1/2"~2-3/4")