Product Description
  • Fastening of drywall track, wood furring, hat channel,
  • Ceiling grid to concrete
  • Conrete block and steel
  • Adjustable safety
  • Does not require costly proprietary high pressure compressor system
  • Adjustable exhaust cover
  • The standard pressure is easy to use while being much faster and less costly than gas or powder-actuated altertnatives
  • Quick release nose cover provides easy access for clearing jams
Product Introduction
Length 307 mm
Height 305 mm
Wide 90 mm
Weight 2.7 kgs
Load Capacity 30 nails
Operating Pressure 80-120 psi
Trigger Type Single Fire
Head Dia. 6.7mm (0.26")
Nail length (inch) 15mm(5/8")~40mm(1.57")
Shank Dia. (inch) 2.6mm(0.104")~3.0mm(0.118")