Product Description
  • Picture, mirror, door and window frames assembly
  • Perfect balance and light weight
  • High power for hard wood applications
  • 360° adjustable exhaust cover
  • Slide-in insert to adjust the different lengths of fasteners
  • Anti-double shot mechanism
  • Profiled nose and extended driver to work on corner joints
  • Fasteners for CF15AP equivalent to Paslode GC-20
Product Introduction
Length 280 mm
Height 290 mm
Wide 85 mm
Weight 2.75 kgs
Trigger Type Single contact
Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
Magazine Loaded Bottom loading magazine
Load Capacity 100 fasteners
Operating Pressure 100-120 psi
Nail Shank 25.4mm
Crown Size 25mm(1")
Length of Fastener (inch) 9mm,12mm,15mm(3/8",1/2",5/8")