Product Description
  • Fastening of drywall track, wood furring, hat channel,
  • Ceiling grid to concrete
  • Conrete block and steel
  • Adjustable safety
  • Does not require costly proprietary high pressure compressor system
  • Adjustable exhaust cover
  • The standard pressure is easy to use while being much faster and less costly than gas or powder-actuated altertnatives
  • Quick release nose cover provides easy access for clearing jams
  • Magnesium Body and very light and more power
Product Introduction
Length 380 mm
Height 309 mm
Wide 120 mm
Weight 3.7 kgs
Load Capacity 42 nails
Operating Pressure 80-120 psi
Trigger Type Single Fire
Head Dia. 6.7mm (0.26")
Nail length (inch) 15mm(5/8")~65mm(2-1/2")
Shank Dia. (inch) 2.6mm(0.104")~3.0mm(0.118")