Product Description
  • Construction work (ex: siding, roofing and sheathing)
  • Use for wooden cases
  • Light pallets
  • Wooden furniture
  • Wooden sashes and other wood products
  • 360 exhaust deflector allows exhaust of air in any direction
  • Depth of drive adjustment to countersink or flush drive nails
  • Lightweight design prevents arm fatigue for user
  • Drives wire and plastic sheet collated nails
  • The CN90WP is engineered to accept both wire collated 2.5mm~3.3mm
  • and plastic sheet collated 2.5mm~2.9mm nails
  • These nails are generally available in 50mm~90mm lengths
Product Introduction
Length 300 mm
Height 330 mm
Wide 130 mm
Weight 3 kgs
Load Capacity of Wire Collation 400 nails
Load Capacity of Sheet Collation 200 nails
Operating Pressure 100-120 psi
Magazine Type Flat type
Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
Magazine Loading Side loading magazine
Trigger Type Consecutive driving of nails
Nail Shank of wire Collation 2.5mm~ 3.3mm (0.098"~0.13")
Nail Shank of Sheet Collation 2.5mm~ 2.9mm(0.098"~0.114")
Collation Length (Inch) 50mm~ 90mm(2"~3-1/2")